I don’t usually like to rant about anything but I am legitimately upset right now and want to know if others have had this same experience. After taking much time to put together the look and feel of my beautiful new blog Walks in Beauty, this morning I logged into WordPress.com only to find that in the Manage Blogs section the name of my new blog appears in the drop down menu as MartsArtsNI. Now, I follow a blog called Marts Arts which is rather curious since I just recently started following them and their posts are very unlike mine. Good but more focused on poetry. Everything else on my blog still bears the name I chose and it shows as Walks in Beauty in the dashboard but on the Manage Blogs menu and the drop down underneath my gravatar on the upper right hand corner of the page it says MartsArtsNI which is definitely NOT my blog’s name. Contacting support seems useless as well and I cannot figure out why it suddenly changed over night.

Last night everything was running perfectly and my account looked the same as it always has. This is the first time I have had any problems with WordPress and I am really annoyed! I cannot figure out what caused this or how to fix it and I must admit I am not the most patient person when it comes to technology. Have any of you had a problem like this before? I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me as support seems to be as useful as waiting for a drop of rain in an endless drought. Thanks for listening to my rant!