…and a walk along the South end of Anna Maria Island. 

Yesterday my body was all out of sorts, it had been this way for about a week now and I’d had enough. I knew what it was telling me, I’d been fighting it for weeks though. My conscience was telling me, “you know this is the best option–the healthiest and the most humane” and yet I kept struggling. Almost a year ago I had to undergo the removal of an organ, my gall bladder, due to severe pain from a stone brought on by the eating of half a very cheesy and greasy calzone. The experience was one I will never forget and also one I never hope to repeat. When I returned home from the hospital last February I had resolved to change my eating habits and lifestyle around—I wanted to become a vegan for both health reasons and ethical reasons. I was met mostly with support but more often than not there were those who thought it best to plant seeds of doubt in my mind which stayed back there, taunting me until finally, after six months of doing well I fell of the wagon and went back to eating what everyone else at home was eating.

It is not easy to go against the grain when you’re the only one around you doing it. That is why it is so important to have the support of a community of others who are in the same boat as yourself. I have found a lot of friends online who are or have already been vegetarians/vegan for some length of time or another which has helped to keep me motivated but without others physically around me who also share the same conviction it becomes a little difficult to maintain the practice. So, that being said, yesterday I was sitting on the Longboat Key Trolley, feeling queasy and lethargic, wondering what I should do and then decided right then and there that I was just going to plunge right in. No more worrying or wondering what others will think or what they have to say. I will just do what I know is best and right for me. That extra kick of determination was added to by the encouragement of my friend Sandy in Holland who was more than glad to share much information with me regarding this change I am going to undertake and if you all do not mind, I’d like to share my personal journey here with you! I got off the trolley feeling a little better and even took a walk from Coquina Beach to the Beach House Restaurant near Cortez Rd. on the island which is a good length walk. Here are the photos I snapped as I walked along the coastline:

All photos were taken with my iPhone 4s. Some photos were taken using Camera +, the remaining photos were taken using the iPhone built in camera and are not edited. Enjoy!