There are many times in life when having fun is all you want to do! Remembering the good times, reminiscing about past fun times, listening to music that means something–these are all things that are good fun for everyone. Today I went out to lunch with my sister-in-law, her mom and her two other siblings to remember the good times they had with her father when he was still on earth (may God rest his soul). We went to Chili’s and had a great time looking at their old photos, listening to the songs they were playing which were all surprisingly retro (songs from our childhood) and being able to spend a good moment just reminiscing.

Back at the house, I had called my mom and that was another memory fest! Mom was telling me about this Spanish child actress who had done many movies back in the 1960’s and 1970’s that she used to watch and I remembered that I too had seen a few of her movies as a kid when we had lived in Venezuela! The actress was known as Marisol and seems to have been very popular back in the day! Well, as I was watching a video clip of one of her movies on YouTube, my niece Alyssa came into my room and started watching it. She loved the video and I thought it was cute that a third generation could be exposed to something so cute. Marisol is almost like a slightly older and Spanish version of Shirley Temple, mostly popular throughout Spain and Latin America. I would like to get her movies on DVD so that my nieces can watch them and be exposed to a different aspect of the Spanish language (true castellano, in a sense).

That is the video my niece liked the most and the funny part is that I was trying to remember the movies I had watched as a child and when I saw the dress Marisol was wearing it suddenly jogged the memory and I was like., “That’s the one!” I hadn’t snapped many pictures today so while my niece and I were watching Marisol’s videos I snapped a few of Alyssa enjoying her new experience of cultura.

After listening to a few of Marisol’s songs and deciding that we’re going to have to get Alyssa a flamenco dress because of the “fluffy” skirt, we started looking at some of the pictures we’ve taken and how I’ve edited them. Looking through my funny picture compositions Alyssa decided she wanted to see some of herself so here is a sampling of those:

For more photos visit my flickr page:

Until tomorrow!