Sarasota, FLI am very eager to see the second part of the two part series by Soledad O’Brien. Yesterday was very good, showcasing “the Garcias” several people with the latin surname which is currently number 8 in the US in popularity. I was proud to see that one of the Garcia’s showcased was a venezolana! Chef Lorena Garcia is originally from Venezuela and lives in Miami. She is making quite a name for herself here with her new cookware and dinnerware line available at Belk.

There were so many heart-breaking stories as well, like that of Araceli Garcia who is facing possible deportation after having grown up here in the US and having her whole family here–all because of crossing the border when she was around 8 or 9 with her family and later on having acquired a job without papers (she had no idea that it was wrong for her to be here without papers and working illegally). She has a daughter who is a US citizen and is now appealing her case.

There are so many more stories showcased throughout the two-part series, as well as latino celebrities weighing in on what it means to be a latino in America. Definitely check out Part II and watch for a repeat of Part I if you missed it yesterday!

Don’t miss it!