I love color, so a couple of weeks back I challenged myself to capture some fun things as represented in the colors of the spectrum. I called it my ROY G. BIV project (Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic device used to remember the colors of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).  I had so much fun styling these photos and photographing them, of course! I will give you a sampling here of some of the shots from the project. The rest you can see on my flickr page by following this link: ROY G. BIV.

When I went to photograph red I wasn’t really certain how I wanted it to look so I took several shots. Here’s one of those shots, perhaps my favorite of the reds:

For the love of Red

This collage style photograph was inspired by a couple of things, one being the beauty and accessories layouts in fashion magazines (I’ve always loved those) like Vogue and Glamour. The other collage that inspired me to do this was a project I found on a blog I follow called A Field Journal. The post is called I Spied October in which author Livy created an “I Spy” book by photographing certain whimsical autumn objects and composing a poem to be used as clues on what the reader is to look for and identify. That post made me want to do something a bit similar.

Orange was a lot of fun to photograph especially since I did two different collages for this color! I did one similar to that of the reds but in a white background and I photographed orange themed food and placed it into a collage and here’s what that looks like:

Orange is tasty!

How yummy do those look? I may have to get up soon and go get an orange! They’re so sweet! Lastly I will share my other favorite edit from the photos I took. This was a very simple collage but the contrast of the color against the wood and how it was presented really made me feel proud. Here is indigo:


Anyway, that’s just a sneak peak into those photos. If you’ve not visited the flickr page you can also find the photos on facebook, just visit the Perez Liscano Photography Page.  Become a fan, have a blast looking at photos and don’t be shy! Let me know what other stuff you’d like to see!

Have a great weekend!