IMG_0979The world we live in is as yet very cruel, chaotic and dysfunctional and many who speak of its ills and evils are justified in what they point out to us every day. The warnings, signs of imminent downfall are all there and yet, despite all of this hope must and does still remain. This hope is what propels us to get up out of bed every morning, get dressed and go out into the world to make our mark on each day. I am by no means saying we need to block all reality from our lives and ignore the blatantly awful things which often occur in our world but I am saying that a positive action in a dark world goes a long way.

Helping a neighbor with their garden, reading to children, getting involved in our communities are just a few of the steps we ought to take. We have lost our sense of community and our way in this fast-paced gadget driven world and it is time to take action and restrengthen our human ties once again. Won’t you join me in looking through those rose colored glasses for human inspiration?