Antique images of Caracas from

Greetings from Caracas! I arrived here on Monday night and I am happy to say that the city is calm and quiet since, being Holy Week, people are mostly away at the beaches and elsewhere celebrating, vacationing and relaxing. It is great to be here with my parents and seeing my Aunt and Grandmother again is an added bonus. Of course, everything I hear is in Spanish except for some music and television shows. It’s funny though, usually I feel a little bit of culture shock when going back and forth but this time it was as if I’d just returned from an extended vacation.

We’ve been mostly cleaning and rearranging things, getting my room ready to be lived in and other such things. Dad’s been fixing things here and there and overall the general atmosphere is nice. I’ve not done much photography recently but am hoping to do so when there are more people around. I have a project in mind which I have entitled {Histoire Urbaine} and it will be focusing on different aspects of urban life in Caracas. My goal is to compile many photos and create an English language photo book for all to see. I also hope to be able to sell it, of course, for profit.

Another project I have in mind is a food project. I want to photograph food and compile recipes and the like from Venezuela also for the English speaker. I hope to be able to collaborate with several people on this project and as soon as I am settled and have a good routine down I will set out to do these projects. I want to brainstorm some more and make a few book outlines before writing any drafts. I have a few other projects I have in mind but those are the ones that most have been on my mind.

Well, just wanted to write a new update and let you know what’s going on! I will be working on some photos soon and will post the first pictures after I have edited them. Keep a look out!