Somehow, after my rant earlier today, my blog was back to normal and was no longer showing another blogs name. I never got a response on the support page (go figure!) and the mysterious link between my blog and Marts Arts Dutch language blog suddenly vanished without another word. I am glad that all seems restored and that it seems to be back to normal but it’s strange that not one person even made a comment regarding this strange turn of events. Anyway, I am over it now. Perhaps it was a glitch and I jumped the gun in getting upset but it is over and done with, Walks in Beauty is back to normal and I can rest easy again (so can Marts Arts) that things will go smoothly (hopefully). In other, non-frustrating, news: I scored a nice set of 3 Zoya Nail colors for $10! Three shades from their 2012 Designer, Gloss and Holiday collections and I am dying to get a bottle of the new 2013 Pixie shades!

Zoya is a vegan friendly polish; free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor & dibutyl phthalate making it a healthier alternative to conventional nail polishes. I will soon be receiving the following three shades in the mail which I am very excited about: Blaze, Paloma and Rheka (pictured below):


That bit of news and the fact that Monterey Grill decided to give us a buy one get one free offer for the inconvenience of not being able to order our lunch from there this afternoon made my day 100% better. What little random things set your mood right again?




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