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To veg or not to veg…

…and a walk along the South end of Anna Maria Island. 

Yesterday my body was all out of sorts, it had been this way for about a week now and I’d had enough. I knew what it was telling me, I’d been fighting it for weeks though. My conscience was telling me, “you know this is the best option–the healthiest and the most humane” and yet I kept struggling. Almost a year ago I had to undergo the removal of an organ, my gall bladder, due to severe pain from a stone brought on by the eating of half a very cheesy and greasy calzone. The experience was one I will never forget and also one I never hope to repeat. When I returned home from the hospital last February I had resolved to change my eating habits and lifestyle around—I wanted to become a vegan for both health reasons and ethical reasons. I was met mostly with support but more often than not there were those who thought it best to plant seeds of doubt in my mind which stayed back there, taunting me until finally, after six months of doing well I fell of the wagon and went back to eating what everyone else at home was eating.

It is not easy to go against the grain when you’re the only one around you doing it. That is why it is so important to have the support of a community of others who are in the same boat as yourself. I have found a lot of friends online who are or have already been vegetarians/vegan for some length of time or another which has helped to keep me motivated but without others physically around me who also share the same conviction it becomes a little difficult to maintain the practice. So, that being said, yesterday I was sitting on the Longboat Key Trolley, feeling queasy and lethargic, wondering what I should do and then decided right then and there that I was just going to plunge right in. No more worrying or wondering what others will think or what they have to say. I will just do what I know is best and right for me. That extra kick of determination was added to by the encouragement of my friend Sandy in Holland who was more than glad to share much information with me regarding this change I am going to undertake and if you all do not mind, I’d like to share my personal journey here with you! I got off the trolley feeling a little better and even took a walk from Coquina Beach to the Beach House Restaurant near Cortez Rd. on the island which is a good length walk. Here are the photos I snapped as I walked along the coastline:

All photos were taken with my iPhone 4s. Some photos were taken using Camera +, the remaining photos were taken using the iPhone built in camera and are not edited. Enjoy!


I am, as the title says, on my own plus a couple of little friendly animals. Using a Mac, something I’ve not done in a long while and trying to get used to going to bed a little earlier so that I can get up to catch the trolley to work in the morning. As I type I am listening to old episodes of How I Met Your Mother on MOR. Here’s what I saw today on my commutes back and forth from the house I am sitting.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Art work by local Sarasota Boys and Girls Club members outside of Whole Foods near 1st & Lemon.


Original shot of a sculpture by the main bus station in Downtown Sarasota.


A different perspective using Vintique.


What’s below our feet.


Southwest Florida Evenings


My ride home this evening.

A foggy night in Bradenton…



How beautiful the fog looks when you’re standing still on a cool night such as this one. I just had to snap a few photos after arriving home from work to share. It looks pretty but sure can be dangerous. Still, I enjoy looking at it. All shots are straight out of my iPhone 4s.

Looking through the dark trees.

Looking through the dark trees.

Fog and bursts of street lights...

Fog and bursts of street lights…

A tall tree in the foggy night.

A tall tree in the foggy night.

A cool, thick layer of fog.

A cool, thick layer of fog.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with Hipstamatic app.

Taken with Hipstamatic app.








What will the new year bring?


For me, it is a new blog focused on showcasing my art, photography and poetry. It also brings the opportunity to visit good friends and make new memories abroad but more on that later. My new blog, entitled Walks in Beauty, is an attempt to make a small personal portfolio of my work available online as well as a way to connect with my readers and friends in a new and different way. Previously I often kept my work private and showed it to people only occasionally but I have decided it is time to share! So, what will this new year bring you?

IMG_0999Happy New Year everyone! I hope that as you celebrate the old year passing and the new one beginning you will look upon it with renewed hope for a better future for mankind and a more prosperous one for all. Here at home we celebrated with traditional Venezuelan food, a particular staple called the hallaca is what we were making and above are the veggies I assembled to make a vegetarian version for the first time ever. I must say it turned out quite delicious and the friends we had over to celebrate with us enjoyed them very much. The traditional meat ones for made, of course, but I decided to go for making these.

As we prepared for the celebration I took some fun photos with a couple of new apps I acquired on my iPhone. Have a look:


photobooth collage

Photo strips taken with PocketBooth and IncrediBooth Apps on iPhone 4s

I think this new year is going to bring exciting things our way! What do you think? Here is a photo of my vegetarian hallaca, and let me tell you that it was delicious!!!


Have a very Happy New Year friends!


I Love My Rose Colored Glasses

IMG_0979The world we live in is as yet very cruel, chaotic and dysfunctional and many who speak of its ills and evils are justified in what they point out to us every day. The warnings, signs of imminent downfall are all there and yet, despite all of this hope must and does still remain. This hope is what propels us to get up out of bed every morning, get dressed and go out into the world to make our mark on each day. I am by no means saying we need to block all reality from our lives and ignore the blatantly awful things which often occur in our world but I am saying that a positive action in a dark world goes a long way.

Helping a neighbor with their garden, reading to children, getting involved in our communities are just a few of the steps we ought to take. We have lost our sense of community and our way in this fast-paced gadget driven world and it is time to take action and restrengthen our human ties once again. Won’t you join me in looking through those rose colored glasses for human inspiration?

You like Chinese food!

Menu from China Village

Menu from China Village

Thus said a fortune I received many years ago in one of those famous folded cookies. Indeed it is true, I do like Chinese food and I cannot remember a time when I ever disliked it. I enjoy even the bits of superstition and myth that accompany the food that most of us love.


The Rooster or Cock, my Chinese Zodiac sign

I must say, the description is eerily uncanny in how precise it is regarding my own nature. I have no qualms in admitting that I am not perfect and have no wish to deny that I can be selfish and eccentric. Those who pretend to be something they are not play the farce only to and for themselves. A good cup of Chinese tea was in order yesterday as we celebrated my father’s birthday at our friend Tina’s restaurant China Village. My mother worked for Tina several years ago and each time we have lived in Florida we always return to her restaurant and I truly believe it is the best Chinese food in the area.


An ancient beverage in modern times.

I just could not get enough of that tea! It was so delicious, plain and warm without sugar. I felt it did not need it and the pretty little cup it was served in made it that much more enjoyable. I rarely ask for tea when I eat Chinese but I think I shall ask for it more often.


My pretty little cup of tea.

One of the highlights of eating Chinese for me is the egg drop soup and egg rolls we’re given beforehand with the fried chow mein dipped in duck sauce (I have not been very successful at attempting to become vegetarian/vegan but I have not entirely given up on it).


egg drop soup

I have always loved the decorations on the walls of Chinese restaurants and this one near the kitchen and above our table caught my eye yesterday:


Wall decor at the restaurant

The food arrived, looking delicious as ever and we dug in.


Sesame Chicken


Cashew Chicken


Garlic Honey Chicken

And my favorite but without the tofu:


Buddha Delight



I also received an interesting fortune this time around. Foretelling? Only time and determination will tell. ☺


Good food, good fortune.

I ♥ Breakfast!

Breakfast is an all important meal and photographing food is always a challenge. I like showing it as it really is, nothing too fancy— this is not a cookbook, just every day life. ☺ Enjoy!

Oatmeal with berries


Cream of Wheat ala blueberry


Eggs, toast and coffee...


Raisin Bran...because sometimes I feel like having some cold cereal.


SUBJECT: Breakfast Foods
CATEGORY: Food Photography
CAMERA: Samsung Strive Cellular Phone

Subject: Postcards received…
Date: January 7th, 2012
Camera: Samsung Strive Phone

My photo a day challenge has brought me to the following…

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