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I ♥ Breakfast!

Breakfast is an all important meal and photographing food is always a challenge. I like showing it as it really is, nothing too fancy— this is not a cookbook, just every day life. ☺ Enjoy!

Oatmeal with berries


Cream of Wheat ala blueberry


Eggs, toast and coffee...


Raisin Bran...because sometimes I feel like having some cold cereal.


SUBJECT: Breakfast Foods
CATEGORY: Food Photography
CAMERA: Samsung Strive Cellular Phone


I LOVE accessorizing…it is without a doubt my biggest weakness when it comes to fashion and style. I think I have more accessories than actual clothing and that is perhaps because I have learned to create several outfits with just changing a few…that’s right, you guessed it…ACCESSORIES here and there! At the top of my list? BAGS! It’s all in the bag and I have plenty to prove it.

My Hand and Shoulder Bag Collection, including bags by Plain Jane Handmade and JC Jennifer Chalbaud

Another thing I just can’t seem to get enough of is hair accessories…

Hair Clips by Ilona Accesorios

I bought those for my niece at this great craft fair in Caracas, Venezuela and just love Ilona Accesorios’ brilliant new items:

Elastic Headbands by Ilona Accesorios

Flower Clips by Ilona Accesorios

These other beautiful clips I got from the ever beautiful Tiffany Carbaugh of Riant Photography, they benefited cancer research so I was all over that!

Gorgeous Hair Accessories from Riant Flair, a division of Riant Photography

Fashion doesn’t have to break your piggy bank! It can be smart, fun and simply elegant!


~Plain Jane Handmade~
~Ilona Accesorios~
~Riant Photography~

1, 2, &5 are my very own photographs
(Perez Liscano Photography)
3 &4 are from Ilona Accesorios

Christmas time is here…

Christmas is indeed upon us and I cannot believe it has been so long since I last wrote a post! Life has been happening so quickly… I’ve been busy working on some photo edits and also doing my job as my nephew’s nanny. Just to share a little bit of what I’ve posted on my facebook page lately…

Isla de Plata, Pto. La Cruz, Venezuela

Torch of Friendship, Miami, FL

Dinky from Princeton Station, Princeton, NJ

Billy the Great Dane, Cheney, WA

That’s only a small sampling of what I’ve been working on lately. Please do visit the page on facebook: Perez Liscano Photography and comment on any of the photos. Remember, if you wish to use any please contact me first for permission. These photos are my artwork.

Happy Holidays!

My life lately….

Maria Alejandra, Andrea and I enjoying our Saturday outing...

Lately I’ve been attending a lot of interesting events, visiting museums and trying to get a taste of culture here in Caracas. Caracas has a lot of wonderful things to offer, from it’s very own Municipal Orchestra (Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Caracas), to the more renowned Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra (Orquesta Sinfonica de Venezuela), to the wonderful museums such as the Fine Arts Museum and the National Art Gallery (Museo de Bellas Artes y Galeria de Arte Nacional)–there is very little that Caracas has to envy other metropolitan cities when it comes to culture.

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to visit to museums with the two little girls pictured at left. They are neighbors of mine and like family so we planned on visiting the Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) and the Museo de Ciencias (Museum of Science and Natural History). We set out, toting water bottles, snacks and my camera, off to have a great adventure in the museum sector. First we tackled the Science Museum and saw so many animals that we were beside ourselves! The museum has a few interactive exhibits which the girls enjoyed very much. Let me share some of those photos with you here:

Maria Alejandra as a gazelle...

Girls playing an animal picture memory game...

Andrea as a rhino...

Girls playing a memory game in the Hall of Africa...

The girls had a blast and I am hoping that some time soon we can go to a few other places and museums. This weekend we will be attending the ballet’s presentation of Carmen at the Teresa Carreño theatre. The girls and I are all super excited! I am just trying to figure out what to wear…LOL! I think I may have the perfect outfit, though! I would love to share all of the photos I have taken of cultural events here on this blog with you but there are just too many! Do please visit my photography page on facebook: Perez Liscano Photography for more photos from the outing with the girls. There are some wonderful photos from the Fine Arts Museum and other events on there, the album is called Arts and Culture Caracas. Please click on the link and visit it! Comments are welcome!

I love Sundays in La Candelaria! It is probably the only day of the week that is free of a lot of noise and tranquility abounds. I’ve been a bit out of sync with my photo uploading lately and think that I will work on some of that today but really wanted to get a new post in since I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog lately. I’m also trying to catch up on the blogs I read (it seems an endless task) but looking at the lovely pictures of wedding cakes on The Inspired Bride makes me want to get married during this season of beautiful weddings! All the lovely cakes are made by Brooklyn-based company, Nine Cakes and are gorgeous! Here is my favorite design:

Such and Such Cake by Nine Cakes for BAM event for Brooklyn Brides

Isn’t that a gorgeous cake? I photographed a cake at one of my best friend’s birthdays made by one of our neighbors here in La Candelaria and I think it is one of the prettiest cakes I’ve seen. Our neighbor’s name is Ana Moreno and she’s been making cakes for quite a while now. Here’s one of the shots I took of the cake:

You can see the rest of the photos on Ana’s facebook page: Marianna’s Cakes. I haven’t taken as many photos as I probably would wish to lately but I have taken some that I think are pretty good. Here is one of my favorites from one morning here in La Candelaria:

Another favorite is from a new series I’m working on, churches in Caracas, here is the bell tower from the church in La Plaza Candelaria:

Photographing daily life and architecture is so pleasant a hobby for me. Here is another… the Bicentinnial Celebration of the signing of the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence’s emblem for 2010:

Another of my favorites, Venezuelan cafe con leche from a little coffee stand:

And lastly a photo I took yesterday at Venezuela’s famous German-colony and tourist spot La Colonia Tovar:

What do you think? I sure would love to know what everyone thinks of these photos! Don’t be shy and leave a comment! Let me know which is your favorite. Let me know what more you would like to see. I am all ears!

Have a happy week!

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