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Still Looking…

After receiving two job position rejections I am still looking and trying to be as optomistic as possible. It’s not easy. I know what I would love to be doing but am not certain how to go about getting that. I love to write, as is evidenced by the three blogs I try to keep up to date, and love photography but I am not really sure what I can do with either of those. I am by all accounts an amateur when it comes to both arts but I have been told by numerous people that I have talent in both. So, the thing for me is to know what exactly is the next step. I want to know whether anyone would actually ever pay to read what I write and to see or use my photos.

I am not giving up on my dream of living in NYC. I will get in there one way or another. I do, however, think that trying to get a nanny job over there is more difficult than trying to get into Juilliard was (and that is a pretty hard task–I didn’t get in but there are those who will audition 3 or 4 times before they finally get in). Some people seem interested and then just drop you without warning, others turn out to be scammers and others just decide to go in a direction they originally thought not possible but ended up being a definite possibility (those are usually the good people who at least are communicative enough to let you know things sincerely and frankly).

I just wonder how some people with no experience before whatsoever get great nanny jobs starting out and I, having had more than ten years experience with children, can’t seem to find even a simple job. I just don’t get it…it’s very frustrating. So, I don’t know whether I should keep looking or whether I should go in a different direction and try for something other than childcare. I have some thinking to do and really need to focus this week. I’m not bitter though, I see this as a light on a new path.

Since I’ve got so many talents that I believe I should exploit in some way, shape or form I decided today to download a free trial of CS4 and play around with it. I did and boy did I have fun. Some of my creations came out a bit weird looking since this is the first time I actually ever use PhotoShop. I was experimenting with “textures” and “actions” which you can’t really do with the online photo editing tool that I’d been using. So, without further ado, here are the photos I worked on:

I used a texture on this one, however subtle, since it was the first time I was experimenting with textures. I still have not found any photos that I want to apply that many textures on but I am going to keep trying. I found some really interesting textures on www.deviantart.com which was fun to look through. There are so many different texture and actions on there. I need to go back to see if there are any fun layers to add to PhotoShop as well!

On this one I used an artsy texture for my self-portrait. I’m not sure I really like it, I think I may work on this one a bit more. I’d like to explore some more textures. The following photos are the ones I edited using different actions. I found the majority on a webpage called Vision Widget which had many actions to choose from. I was having a ton of fun with those!

I really like the effect this action gives the photo above. It looks like a magazine photo now. The action is called “darkness” and I think it will work best for those city photos that are very bright. The original photo is below:

The difference is spectacular! They look like two different shots. I really enjoyed that action. On to the next:

Here is a set of the same photo edited with an action called “POP” which had three different settings. The above results were satisfactory and I think that I will definitely use this action more often. Please note that the above photo is part of my year long photo project and the original can be found on my Flickr page (in order to view it you must be added as a friend or family contact).

This sweet photo of my littlest niece, Gianna, was edited with an action called “Wedding Enhancers” using one of the black and white conversions. I really like the tone of this particular action. The remaining photos are in these two collages:

The above were a few of my favorite shots from 3 different places. The first is the Flatiron Building, second some pumpkins in Princeton, and last a seagull in Florida. All edited with different actions on PhotoShop and collaged via Picnik!

This last one also contains photos edited with PhotoShop and softened with Picnik. I love photo editing tools! Well, that’s what I’ve done so far. Tomorrow is another day!



This morning I woke up thinking of how I am no longer in the City and wishing I were back there though I am glad to see my nieces. I spent the day with Gianna while Alyssa was at school, Tiff at work and David went out to work as well. She mostly slept and ate but we did have a few laughs together. Got a great big smile from her when I was singing her a lullaby called “Gute Nacht Mein Feines Lieb.” It’s a German folksong that I know from when I studied vocal performance in Miami. The version we learned was set to a tune composed by Brahms. I’m not quite certain what the arrangement was but I do remember the tune and the lyrics are as follows:

Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
gute Nacht schlaf wohl mein Kind
Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
gute Nacht schlaf wohl mein Kind
daß dich die Engel hüten all
die in dem schönen Himmel sind

Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
schlaf wohl in Nächten lind”

Gianna seemed to really enjoy hearing that! It was a very quiet day. I came back from NYC yesterday. I left JFK Airport at around 8:30pm and arrived around 9:40pm. I miss it already. It has always been my dream to live there and I still want to see that happen. As I was thinking about this dream and what best expresses how I feel about living in NY I remembered one of my favorite songs of all time:

I believe it truly embodies my life in general! I know that I am going to make it in NY and that it will not be long now before I go back. I took several photos yesterday before leaving and had a blast getting to know different parts of Manhattan that I was not so familiar with before. I wish I’d had more time to do more sightseeing but when I move there I will have plenty of time to do that! I walked a bit down Bleecker Street and found lots of really fun places to shop and small cafes. I also went to a restaurant called Gobo which was to die for! I met a friend and his cousin there, at the one in the West Village (on 6th and 8th): http://www.goborestaurant.com/west/index.htm. Check the site out! It’s a vegetarian restaurant but the food is delicious! I enjoyed taking a walk yesterday through Union Square, Madison Square Park, the High Line, the West Village and parts of Chelsea. I think of all the places I saw this past weekend my favorite areas were Meatpackers and Lower Manhattan (West Village side).  Check these few pics out:

Those are all from Monday! You can see more on my flickr page. So, I really hope that my dreams do come true and my prayer is that by February I will be in NYC! I hope you all enjoy the photos!


Sunday in NYC…

Good Sunday Morning to all! It’s been a couple of days since I last wrote a post. I’ve been trying to keep this blog up to date daily but sometimes it is just impossible. On Friday I traveled from Rochester to NYC and went out with friends that evening so by the time I got back to my hotel I was too tired to write. Yesterday I had a pretty long day but nevertheless a good day! I am enjoying my time here in the City and navigating it myself is just awesome! I proved my good sense of direction yesterday when I was shopping the markets of lower Manhattan for Asian greens and though it took a while it paid off! I made a great Stir Fried Asian Greens and Shrimp dish over a bed of Jasmine rice that was to die for!

I got to shop at the Union Square Whole Foods, a store called Garden of Eden and the Natural Foods store on 6th and 9th. It went well, the food was so nice and fresh and best of all I had fun walking the streets of Manhattan, taking it all in. I am going to fully love living in this City! I already loved coming here before and I am convinced that I was born to live here and that this is where I am supposed to be! I’ve been taking photos daily and posting them on my flickr: http://flickr.com/venenadia28. Check them out!

There are photos of the room I am staying in and some places around the West Village where I was yesterday. Just random shots but I am really enjoying this daily photography project I am doing! It forces me to get good photos and I think that this is what I love most. The most mundane item can be a work of art if you get it just right! Well, I will write another post this evening with some more photos! I’m off to snap some pics and let the housekeeping lady clean my room (she came and I was here putting socks on and took a while to open the door)!



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