I LOVE accessorizing…it is without a doubt my biggest weakness when it comes to fashion and style. I think I have more accessories than actual clothing and that is perhaps because I have learned to create several outfits with just changing a few…that’s right, you guessed it…ACCESSORIES here and there! At the top of my list? BAGS! It’s all in the bag and I have plenty to prove it.

My Hand and Shoulder Bag Collection, including bags by Plain Jane Handmade and JC Jennifer Chalbaud

Another thing I just can’t seem to get enough of is hair accessories…

Hair Clips by Ilona Accesorios

I bought those for my niece at this great craft fair in Caracas, Venezuela and just love Ilona Accesorios’ brilliant new items:

Elastic Headbands by Ilona Accesorios

Flower Clips by Ilona Accesorios

These other beautiful clips I got from the ever beautiful Tiffany Carbaugh of Riant Photography, they benefited cancer research so I was all over that!

Gorgeous Hair Accessories from Riant Flair, a division of Riant Photography

Fashion doesn’t have to break your piggy bank! It can be smart, fun and simply elegant!


~Plain Jane Handmade~
~Ilona Accesorios~
~Riant Photography~

1, 2, &5 are my very own photographs
(Perez Liscano Photography)
3 &4 are from Ilona Accesorios