I am so very, very happily stuffed! I had a great dinner and am now enjoying editing some photos for this post while listening to a Lifetime Movie. Dinner was tremendously good; steak with baked potato and vegetable medley with french onion soup! I have to confess that I had not eaten much earlier in the day so this was a welcome meal! I woke up rather late to the sound of my phone telling me someone had texted me. I answered the text and started my day. I had a fantastic time attending the Behind the Brand: Overlooked event on the Motto Agency’s facebook page. If any of you are looking for eco-friendly brands or brands looking to make a difference then you need to check out Motto Agency. They are constantly holding these online events showcasing different companies who promote the general welfare of mankind so you definitely need to check them out!  I’ll be posting another blog post about them in my Mes Petites Creations blog so keep an eye out in the next few days!

I took a few pictures today, not as many as I would have liked but I’ve not really been anywhere of interest in the last few days so it gets mundane when I keep photographing the same things but I am finding that even that can helpe me get creative. So here are my selections from Day 5 of my photo project:

Alyssa and I played a few more games of HiHo Cherry-Oh! today and snapped these pics while doing so! The Hello Kitty one is actually on one leg of her sweat pants! She wanted me to snap a photo of that and the logo on her Princess slippers. The Princess one came out shoddy so I think we will work on it tomorrow.

This is a composition I made of some pages inside my personal journal. I love keeping a conventional journal! I get really creative with the mized media aspect of decorating. I hope to be able to do more mixed media projects in the future!  Well, that is all for now! Until tomorrow!