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Sharing photos…

I have two main sites I share photos on, flickr and facebook.  Most of the photos you see on my facebook fan page are the same as the ones that are on flickr with the exception that the flickr ones are usually unedited. I like to place the photos as they are on that page and on the facebook page the more artistic shots. Yesterday I edited several flower photos I had taken back in October.

from the album {a rose is a rose} on the Perez Liscano Photography page

I’ve been using a combination of CameraBag and picnik to edit photos lately and occasionally I go on Photoshop and use that. It’s a lot of fun to play around with the different photo editing tools I have. Check out the facebook page and become a fan!

Flickr and Photobucket Inspiration

Some of my favorites by others

I love to browse through Flickr and Photobucket occasionally after I’ve uploaded my own photos and admire the work of others. Since it is Sunday and it is a very low-key evening (I’m waiting for Little Women to come on in a half-hour), I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Beautiful Colorsplash photo by findstuff22

Screenshot of my favorites on my flickr page
Photos from left to right: Row 1: 1. Untitled by ladysandyw, 2. 45|365 & 7|100 by NBarton (subtitle: Good day to you!), 3. Untitled Polaroid by elseachelsea (Chelsea Fuss), 4. Strawberries Polaroid by elseachelsea, 5. Meadow by elseachelsea, 6. Ink and peat by elseachelsea. Row 2: 1. Baking Polaroid by elseachelsea, 2. Mini pumpkins Polaroid in autumn by elseachelsea, 3. Apple Cider Polaroid by elseachelsea, 4. Apple centerpiece Polaroid by elseachelsea, 5. Spaghetti with Mascarpone and Sage Meatballs by elseachelsea, 6. Jane Austen Reading Map by whamlibrary, Row 3: 1. Still life 2 by Alessa Jane Lee Valerio/wench, 2. Floral collage by ladysandyw, 3. ~Two’s Company by teresa~, 4. ..Xmas is gone… by joe00064, 5. clean view by frandango24, 6. Break up with a View by ~Saoirse~, Row 4: 1. Depeche Mode @ O2 London 16.12.09 by beautifulrain*, 2. Local calls by frandango24, 3. Gridlock by frandango24, 4. Mind Your Step by Rich Leadbetter, 5. Tottenham Court Road by Mikey B_ , 6. A Metropolitan Icon by ~Saoirse~, Row 5: 1. Walworth by Nicobobinus, 2. Regent’s Park by beautifulrain*, 3. Snow River by copperhorse, 4. PCC grain train in the Palouse- St. John, WA by DW Honan, 5. Come wrap your arms around me and give me a big hug by Walk in the Woods Photography, 6. 180.365 -Othello by knowlan, Row 6: 1. NEW YORK 2009 by luigilauro38, 2. Vista desde Santa Monica by LuiCast, 3. Emblema de Caracas by LuiCast, 4. Plaza del Consejo Municipal de Caracas by LuiCast, 5. Harley by Lostonflickr, 6. Angel by Hvitveisen.
I hope you check those out and the other photos these wonderful photographers have posted!

New Beginnings…

Sometimes a rejection is a blessing in disguise and forces you to get creative; getting creative is something I absolutely love! I threw most of my energy this week into editing my photos. I have a desire to turn my photos into a prospective business, when I have enough capital of course. Today I took my first step toward saving for my business. Following the excellent advice of one of the Rockstar Group’s business mentors I opened a bank account and have placed a small amount into the savings account that came with my checking account. I am really eager to continue to save in there and be able to soon invest in my small business.

I would like for my business to have most to do with home decor. I have a desire to turn my photos into ceramic tile coasters, canvas photos for decorating, postcards, magnets and keychains among other things. I also want to add upcycled items to my business and hope to be able to employ my sewing machine for that task. So, I have many plans but my next step is to get a job here in the area so I can continue to save. I realized that in order to make my dream of living in NYC come true I must first start out small and save some money. Living and working there can get expensive but I am sure I can do it with just a little bit of time.

Also, I want to expand my mind by reading just a bit more! I am reading a book by Chris Hedges right now called Empire of Illusion. It’s a brilliant piece and I had the privilege, along with my parents, to meet the author and hear him speak at Labyrinth Books in Princeton, NJ before we had to leave. His knowledge and world experience were such an inspiration to me and I really want to see my country change for the better and go forth in equality among peoples. I am watching a film right now called Blame It On Fidel by director Julia Gavras and it is just exquisitely amazing. I recommend it to all who have an open mind. I’ll write more on it when I’ve finished but I think it is worth checking out. It is set in France in the 1970s and is deliciously political and polemic. It is a must see for those who love independent films.

Well, I must be going now! Be sure to check out my Day 15 photos on Flickr!

Bon chance!

“It is not length of life but depth of life.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


This morning I woke up thinking of how I am no longer in the City and wishing I were back there though I am glad to see my nieces. I spent the day with Gianna while Alyssa was at school, Tiff at work and David went out to work as well. She mostly slept and ate but we did have a few laughs together. Got a great big smile from her when I was singing her a lullaby called “Gute Nacht Mein Feines Lieb.” It’s a German folksong that I know from when I studied vocal performance in Miami. The version we learned was set to a tune composed by Brahms. I’m not quite certain what the arrangement was but I do remember the tune and the lyrics are as follows:

Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
gute Nacht schlaf wohl mein Kind
Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
gute Nacht schlaf wohl mein Kind
daß dich die Engel hüten all
die in dem schönen Himmel sind

Gute Nacht gute Nacht mein feines Lieb
schlaf wohl in Nächten lind”

Gianna seemed to really enjoy hearing that! It was a very quiet day. I came back from NYC yesterday. I left JFK Airport at around 8:30pm and arrived around 9:40pm. I miss it already. It has always been my dream to live there and I still want to see that happen. As I was thinking about this dream and what best expresses how I feel about living in NY I remembered one of my favorite songs of all time:

I believe it truly embodies my life in general! I know that I am going to make it in NY and that it will not be long now before I go back. I took several photos yesterday before leaving and had a blast getting to know different parts of Manhattan that I was not so familiar with before. I wish I’d had more time to do more sightseeing but when I move there I will have plenty of time to do that! I walked a bit down Bleecker Street and found lots of really fun places to shop and small cafes. I also went to a restaurant called Gobo which was to die for! I met a friend and his cousin there, at the one in the West Village (on 6th and 8th): http://www.goborestaurant.com/west/index.htm. Check the site out! It’s a vegetarian restaurant but the food is delicious! I enjoyed taking a walk yesterday through Union Square, Madison Square Park, the High Line, the West Village and parts of Chelsea. I think of all the places I saw this past weekend my favorite areas were Meatpackers and Lower Manhattan (West Village side).  Check these few pics out:

Those are all from Monday! You can see more on my flickr page. So, I really hope that my dreams do come true and my prayer is that by February I will be in NYC! I hope you all enjoy the photos!


Sunday in NYC…

Good Sunday Morning to all! It’s been a couple of days since I last wrote a post. I’ve been trying to keep this blog up to date daily but sometimes it is just impossible. On Friday I traveled from Rochester to NYC and went out with friends that evening so by the time I got back to my hotel I was too tired to write. Yesterday I had a pretty long day but nevertheless a good day! I am enjoying my time here in the City and navigating it myself is just awesome! I proved my good sense of direction yesterday when I was shopping the markets of lower Manhattan for Asian greens and though it took a while it paid off! I made a great Stir Fried Asian Greens and Shrimp dish over a bed of Jasmine rice that was to die for!

I got to shop at the Union Square Whole Foods, a store called Garden of Eden and the Natural Foods store on 6th and 9th. It went well, the food was so nice and fresh and best of all I had fun walking the streets of Manhattan, taking it all in. I am going to fully love living in this City! I already loved coming here before and I am convinced that I was born to live here and that this is where I am supposed to be! I’ve been taking photos daily and posting them on my flickr: http://flickr.com/venenadia28. Check them out!

There are photos of the room I am staying in and some places around the West Village where I was yesterday. Just random shots but I am really enjoying this daily photography project I am doing! It forces me to get good photos and I think that this is what I love most. The most mundane item can be a work of art if you get it just right! Well, I will write another post this evening with some more photos! I’m off to snap some pics and let the housekeeping lady clean my room (she came and I was here putting socks on and took a while to open the door)!



Having Fun Our Way!

There are many times in life when having fun is all you want to do! Remembering the good times, reminiscing about past fun times, listening to music that means something–these are all things that are good fun for everyone. Today I went out to lunch with my sister-in-law, her mom and her two other siblings to remember the good times they had with her father when he was still on earth (may God rest his soul). We went to Chili’s and had a great time looking at their old photos, listening to the songs they were playing which were all surprisingly retro (songs from our childhood) and being able to spend a good moment just reminiscing.

Back at the house, I had called my mom and that was another memory fest! Mom was telling me about this Spanish child actress who had done many movies back in the 1960’s and 1970’s that she used to watch and I remembered that I too had seen a few of her movies as a kid when we had lived in Venezuela! The actress was known as Marisol and seems to have been very popular back in the day! Well, as I was watching a video clip of one of her movies on YouTube, my niece Alyssa came into my room and started watching it. She loved the video and I thought it was cute that a third generation could be exposed to something so cute. Marisol is almost like a slightly older and Spanish version of Shirley Temple, mostly popular throughout Spain and Latin America. I would like to get her movies on DVD so that my nieces can watch them and be exposed to a different aspect of the Spanish language (true castellano, in a sense).

That is the video my niece liked the most and the funny part is that I was trying to remember the movies I had watched as a child and when I saw the dress Marisol was wearing it suddenly jogged the memory and I was like., “That’s the one!” I hadn’t snapped many pictures today so while my niece and I were watching Marisol’s videos I snapped a few of Alyssa enjoying her new experience of cultura.

After listening to a few of Marisol’s songs and deciding that we’re going to have to get Alyssa a flamenco dress because of the “fluffy” skirt, we started looking at some of the pictures we’ve taken and how I’ve edited them. Looking through my funny picture compositions Alyssa decided she wanted to see some of herself so here is a sampling of those:

For more photos visit my flickr page: http://flickr.com/venenadia28

Until tomorrow!

Happily Stuffed!

I am so very, very happily stuffed! I had a great dinner and am now enjoying editing some photos for this post while listening to a Lifetime Movie. Dinner was tremendously good; steak with baked potato and vegetable medley with french onion soup! I have to confess that I had not eaten much earlier in the day so this was a welcome meal! I woke up rather late to the sound of my phone telling me someone had texted me. I answered the text and started my day. I had a fantastic time attending the Behind the Brand: Overlooked event on the Motto Agency’s facebook page. If any of you are looking for eco-friendly brands or brands looking to make a difference then you need to check out Motto Agency. They are constantly holding these online events showcasing different companies who promote the general welfare of mankind so you definitely need to check them out!  I’ll be posting another blog post about them in my Mes Petites Creations blog so keep an eye out in the next few days!

I took a few pictures today, not as many as I would have liked but I’ve not really been anywhere of interest in the last few days so it gets mundane when I keep photographing the same things but I am finding that even that can helpe me get creative. So here are my selections from Day 5 of my photo project:

Alyssa and I played a few more games of HiHo Cherry-Oh! today and snapped these pics while doing so! The Hello Kitty one is actually on one leg of her sweat pants! She wanted me to snap a photo of that and the logo on her Princess slippers. The Princess one came out shoddy so I think we will work on it tomorrow.

This is a composition I made of some pages inside my personal journal. I love keeping a conventional journal! I get really creative with the mized media aspect of decorating. I hope to be able to do more mixed media projects in the future!  Well, that is all for now! Until tomorrow!


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