Sometimes a rejection is a blessing in disguise and forces you to get creative; getting creative is something I absolutely love! I threw most of my energy this week into editing my photos. I have a desire to turn my photos into a prospective business, when I have enough capital of course. Today I took my first step toward saving for my business. Following the excellent advice of one of the Rockstar Group’s business mentors I opened a bank account and have placed a small amount into the savings account that came with my checking account. I am really eager to continue to save in there and be able to soon invest in my small business.

I would like for my business to have most to do with home decor. I have a desire to turn my photos into ceramic tile coasters, canvas photos for decorating, postcards, magnets and keychains among other things. I also want to add upcycled items to my business and hope to be able to employ my sewing machine for that task. So, I have many plans but my next step is to get a job here in the area so I can continue to save. I realized that in order to make my dream of living in NYC come true I must first start out small and save some money. Living and working there can get expensive but I am sure I can do it with just a little bit of time.

Also, I want to expand my mind by reading just a bit more! I am reading a book by Chris Hedges right now called Empire of Illusion. It’s a brilliant piece and I had the privilege, along with my parents, to meet the author and hear him speak at Labyrinth Books in Princeton, NJ before we had to leave. His knowledge and world experience were such an inspiration to me and I really want to see my country change for the better and go forth in equality among peoples. I am watching a film right now called Blame It On Fidel by director Julia Gavras and it is just exquisitely amazing. I recommend it to all who have an open mind. I’ll write more on it when I’ve finished but I think it is worth checking out. It is set in France in the 1970s and is deliciously political and polemic. It is a must see for those who love independent films.

Well, I must be going now! Be sure to check out my Day 15 photos on Flickr!

Bon chance!

“It is not length of life but depth of life.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson