Absolutely wonderful news came my way yesterday when I found a very exciting e-mail from Socks for Happy People waiting for me! The launch date has finally been announced and I, like all their other fans, am beside myself to get a pair on my size 8.5 feet! One of my good friends already received some and I cannot wait to see the photos she will be taking of them (you will see a link here first for those who want to see the socks on some REAL happy people)! Founders Tom Minter and Rich Taylor are very down to earth and their eco-friendly socks are really going to make history! They have become great friends of mine and it is with great pleasure that I too announce their launch in hopes that you will head over to their webpage, blog, facebook fan page and even follow them on Twitter!

To whet your socky appetite, check out this video debuting SFHP’s line of Affirmation Socks! I guarantee you’ll love them!