It has been almost a week since my last post and I feel horrible about it! Blogging on Mes Petites Creations has taken up most of my time as well as taking care of both of my nieces this week. Alyssa was on Winter Break this week so she has been home every day. We colored a lot and watched a few films. I think tomorrow we will have to do some crafts so as to not have to spend so much time in front of the tv.

My week has been so busy that I have barely had time to do any photography! I have updated some of my photography musings on my Facebook page Perez Liscano Photography. I’ve also created a profile in, to which I have only submitted 2 “deviations” but will hopefully submit more in the time to come. These are a few of my favorites by other “deviants”:

Citrus by AlameaLio

In the Pink by rachey_roo Black and White Tree by baudilares

 I hope to one day become as talented as those who have taken the photos above! My own photos are good but they could be better, which is why I plan on attending Spokane Falls Community College and enrolling in the Photography program. I am so excited to go back home, to the land of my birth, and start a new life journey that hopefully will lead me back to NY someday. I will miss my East Coast lands but I shall return to them! My dream of living in Manhattan is not exactly over and with proper training becoming a photojournalist might just help me make that dream come true.  This latina has a talent and I would be silly not to exploit it! My photo of a building in Chacao was chosen to be used in a publication about the municipality in Caracas which was a very high honor for me. This is the photo:

Interesting building in Chacao

It’s not even my best photo but it’s a pretty good one! I think this could really be the beginning of a great career! Anyway, I must get going to bed. I am super tired and will no doubt need to be up fairly early in the morning!