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Live well, my friends!

IMG_0950A life well lived need not be one full of things and money. Reading, good music, fresh food, an open mind are true essentials, in my opinion, for a life well lived. To travel, even locally, to expand one’s horizons is to live a full life. To sit and sip tea with friends, talking for hours instead of spending four hours in front of a television screen are signs of a life well lived. To take a million photos of one subject and ponder each shot artistically, to share them with a loved one–that is a life well lived.

Are you living such a life, my friends?

Some cookies I made a couple of months ago...

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Day I’ve looked up some fashionable links to some of fashion’s biggest names and their recipes for chocolate chip cookies…

♣ First up: Mark Ecko’s Adults-Only Chocolate Chip Cookies sound worth a try…it’s the first recipe in the linked article…

♣ Neiman Marcus has a delectable signature cookie recipe ready on hand for us: NM Chocolate Chip Cookie

♣ Picking up a copy of this book might just be in order for today and other days….

American Fashion Cookbook


♣ And lastly, check out this print from Kenya’s Style….


Holy Week in Venezuela…

Antique images of Caracas from philographikon.com

Greetings from Caracas! I arrived here on Monday night and I am happy to say that the city is calm and quiet since, being Holy Week, people are mostly away at the beaches and elsewhere celebrating, vacationing and relaxing. It is great to be here with my parents and seeing my Aunt and Grandmother again is an added bonus. Of course, everything I hear is in Spanish except for some music and television shows. It’s funny though, usually I feel a little bit of culture shock when going back and forth but this time it was as if I’d just returned from an extended vacation.

We’ve been mostly cleaning and rearranging things, getting my room ready to be lived in and other such things. Dad’s been fixing things here and there and overall the general atmosphere is nice. I’ve not done much photography recently but am hoping to do so when there are more people around. I have a project in mind which I have entitled {Histoire Urbaine} and it will be focusing on different aspects of urban life in Caracas. My goal is to compile many photos and create an English language photo book for all to see. I also hope to be able to sell it, of course, for profit.

Another project I have in mind is a food project. I want to photograph food and compile recipes and the like from Venezuela also for the English speaker. I hope to be able to collaborate with several people on this project and as soon as I am settled and have a good routine down I will set out to do these projects. I want to brainstorm some more and make a few book outlines before writing any drafts. I have a few other projects I have in mind but those are the ones that most have been on my mind.

Well, just wanted to write a new update and let you know what’s going on! I will be working on some photos soon and will post the first pictures after I have edited them. Keep a look out!



Oh the joys of laundry day! Believe it or not, I find doing laundry theraputic. I enjoy the scent of freshly laundered clothing, enjoy the simple nature of folding it neatly and then putting it away where it goes. I’ve not taken many pictures these past couple of days but took many on the 24th which was my niece Alyssa’s birthday. She enjoyed herself immensely and I was happy to document some of the moments that were displayed on that day. Gianna is growing steadily and smiles more now. She and I get along well during the day and Alyssa and I are able to play when she gets home quite often. This morning before she left for school I promised her I would teach her to play bingo and checkers with her new set that she got for her birthday. I also told her I would teach her to play at cards with the new Hello Kitty card set I bought her. It features 3 different games: Old Maid, Crazy Eights and Go Fish–all very popular with children. If only I had my UNO cards with me, Alyssa enjoys that game.

Beyond playing games with my niece and caring for the littlest one, I have been endeavoring to finish reading “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” and watching less ridiculous television programs in favor of watching films with actual content rather than ridiculous entertainment. Last night I watched Emma on Masterpiece Classics. It was very enjoyable and much better than the Gwyneth Paltrow version I’d watched before, though I still like it. I watched only part 1 last night because the second part does not air until this coming Sunday the 31st. I am very eager to see the next two parts.

I long for a life without distractions, without complexities; I long for a life of community, a life of neighborly love where people help one another with their basic needs and share rather than a life of complete and total self-absorption. I can live without Hollywood in my life, I can live without the celebrity-obsessed, I can live without having to view television several hours a week. I just want to live simply, without too much flare or too much drama. It seems that society always wants drama rather than reality. Everything here is surreal, nothing is real. Is it really too much to ask to just have a shred of reality in our lives? This is my reality–you may or may not agree, you may want something more flashy but I enjoy the reality of spending time with my family, of reading books with substance, of choosing films that have some sense of good and talk of real matters, of loving people no matter what their status or circumstance–just loving them because they are part of the human family and wanting to help them in any way possible. I believe that is a reality that I can live for and strive for. I am glad it is laundry day! The girls are asleep and I will write again tomorrow!


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