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Stamp collage


I love writing letters, I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl around about the same time that I started keeping a diary (age 8). One of my favorite things about writing is the presentation of a letter posted. I am fortunate enough to have pen pals who have a knack for paying attention to detail as you can see above in the picture collage I’ve created. From the choosing of stamps to the choice in stickers, decorating the outside envelope of a posted card or letter is just as important as what goes inside. Knowing something about the recipient also helps since one can personalize the decoration even more when one knows the person well enough.

Anyone out there posting any letters lately? This weekend is dedicated to writing to all of my pen pals, friends and family I must write back to. Happy writing and reading everyone!

A foggy night in Bradenton…



How beautiful the fog looks when you’re standing still on a cool night such as this one. I just had to snap a few photos after arriving home from work to share. It looks pretty but sure can be dangerous. Still, I enjoy looking at it. All shots are straight out of my iPhone 4s.

Looking through the dark trees.

Looking through the dark trees.

Fog and bursts of street lights...

Fog and bursts of street lights…

A tall tree in the foggy night.

A tall tree in the foggy night.

A cool, thick layer of fog.

A cool, thick layer of fog.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with a Ttv app.

Taken with Hipstamatic app.

Taken with Hipstamatic app.








Happy New Year 2013!!!

IMG_0999Happy New Year everyone! I hope that as you celebrate the old year passing and the new one beginning you will look upon it with renewed hope for a better future for mankind and a more prosperous one for all. Here at home we celebrated with traditional Venezuelan food, a particular staple called the hallaca is what we were making and above are the veggies I assembled to make a vegetarian version for the first time ever. I must say it turned out quite delicious and the friends we had over to celebrate with us enjoyed them very much. The traditional meat ones for made, of course, but I decided to go for making these.

As we prepared for the celebration I took some fun photos with a couple of new apps I acquired on my iPhone. Have a look:


photobooth collage

Photo strips taken with PocketBooth and IncrediBooth Apps on iPhone 4s

I think this new year is going to bring exciting things our way! What do you think? Here is a photo of my vegetarian hallaca, and let me tell you that it was delicious!!!


Have a very Happy New Year friends!


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