IMG_0999Happy New Year everyone! I hope that as you celebrate the old year passing and the new one beginning you will look upon it with renewed hope for a better future for mankind and a more prosperous one for all. Here at home we celebrated with traditional Venezuelan food, a particular staple called the hallaca is what we were making and above are the veggies I assembled to make a vegetarian version for the first time ever. I must say it turned out quite delicious and the friends we had over to celebrate with us enjoyed them very much. The traditional meat ones for made, of course, but I decided to go for making these.

As we prepared for the celebration I took some fun photos with a couple of new apps I acquired on my iPhone. Have a look:


photobooth collage

Photo strips taken with PocketBooth and IncrediBooth Apps on iPhone 4s

I think this new year is going to bring exciting things our way! What do you think? Here is a photo of my vegetarian hallaca, and let me tell you that it was delicious!!!


Have a very Happy New Year friends!