Menu from China Village

Menu from China Village

Thus said a fortune I received many years ago in one of those famous folded cookies. Indeed it is true, I do like Chinese food and I cannot remember a time when I ever disliked it. I enjoy even the bits of superstition and myth that accompany the food that most of us love.


The Rooster or Cock, my Chinese Zodiac sign

I must say, the description is eerily uncanny in how precise it is regarding my own nature. I have no qualms in admitting that I am not perfect and have no wish to deny that I can be selfish and eccentric. Those who pretend to be something they are not play the farce only to and for themselves. A good cup of Chinese tea was in order yesterday as we celebrated my father’s birthday at our friend Tina’s restaurant China Village. My mother worked for Tina several years ago and each time we have lived in Florida we always return to her restaurant and I truly believe it is the best Chinese food in the area.


An ancient beverage in modern times.

I just could not get enough of that tea! It was so delicious, plain and warm without sugar. I felt it did not need it and the pretty little cup it was served in made it that much more enjoyable. I rarely ask for tea when I eat Chinese but I think I shall ask for it more often.


My pretty little cup of tea.

One of the highlights of eating Chinese for me is the egg drop soup and egg rolls we’re given beforehand with the fried chow mein dipped in duck sauce (I have not been very successful at attempting to become vegetarian/vegan but I have not entirely given up on it).


egg drop soup

I have always loved the decorations on the walls of Chinese restaurants and this one near the kitchen and above our table caught my eye yesterday:


Wall decor at the restaurant

The food arrived, looking delicious as ever and we dug in.


Sesame Chicken


Cashew Chicken


Garlic Honey Chicken

And my favorite but without the tofu:


Buddha Delight



I also received an interesting fortune this time around. Foretelling? Only time and determination will tell. ☺


Good food, good fortune.