As much as I adore fashion and the beautiful artwork of those who spend their lives creating it there is something within me that wishes it were all more ethically done which is why in the past few years I’ve come to embrace this new awareness and have been guided by such weblogs as Ecouterre and shops as Kaight in NYC who are constantly promoting awareness and ethical fashion choices. It was through Kaight’s facebook page that I found the link to SIX Magazine and I have chosen a few images to share with you today from their SIX 2: The Artisan Issue. SIX states in their ‘About’ section the following:

SIX was founded with one aim – to celebrate the designers, individuals, independent brands and companies who are creating a more ethical and sustainable future for the fashion industry.

That being said here are a few hi-lights from this wonderful UK publication:

from the article The Leader of the {fashion} Pack, SIX pg 34 &35

from ON THE RADAR, SIX pg 20 feat. KAIGHT NYC

from SIX pg 21, Royal Blush

from S & E* section, Karolina Zmariak dress, SIX pg. 117

from ON THE RADAR, Nancy Gonzalez bags, SIX pg 17

from S&E Middle East, Sarah's Bag, SIX pg. 55


*All images have been specially cropped for this blog. References to the original content are made in each caption and can be accessed by clicking the link to the magazine.*