There is a growing trend toward vintage fashion and vintage designs and I am in love with that! I have always found inspiration in the past and in this rapidly growing technological age sometimes the past’s simplicity is something I long for or even crave. Life is so fast paced that sometimes I just want to get away from it all and have a “tea party”, a moment of peace and tranquility apart from the hectic day to day where I can dress up, look pretty and enjoy time with people I love. This thought is what inspired me to curate the following list of items for a perfect summer tea party. Enjoy! ☺

Think seaside tea party in this dress by fashionloft. Keep cool on a hot summer's day.

For a touch of simple glamour add this lovely necklace to that dress and prepare for a beautiful party by the sea.

Want to really be vintage for your tea party? Then this "Late for Tea" dress by Makool is perfect for you!

Sublty adorn your ears for drinking some iced tea by the sea with these earrings from By Jodi.

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