In this difficult economy it is hard to find the means to do a lot of travelling and so for me, and many others, travel must be done by other means. Some of us travel through shows, others through books and some of us through post cards and pen-palling. I’ve been doing all three and thought what a better way to share a little bit of my virtual travels than by sharing the post cards I’ve received lately and some tidbits about these “travels”. So, without further ado, today we go to Holland, Michigan. I received this beautiful postcard in the mail today through the postcrossing initiative, a project which gets people all over the world to send each other postcards in a cycle.

Holland, Michigan–postcard from Sue via 

The postcard is a fitting representation of the city being that it is home to the Tulip Time festival and the windmill a fine representation of its deeply rooted Dutch history. To learn more about the city of Holland and vacation opportunities there you can visit their website:

If a nice family vacation without having to go overseas (for those of us in the US) is what you’re yearning for, Holland is a great place to see with beautiful scenery and a rich history. Hope you get to visit it soon!