{Photo Courtesy of Williams Iturriza}

If you are in Caracas and as yet have no plans for this weekend then this post is for you. This Saturday, April 9th at 7pm at the Don Bosco of Altamira Theatre (Teatro Don Bosco de Altamira) another great play by Levy Rossell will be playing called “In Limbo” (En el Limbo). The play is a comedy about a group of people anxiously waiting for a train to arrive which seems to never come but in the end…it will. This, coupled with the stellar participation of the young soccer player turned actor/model, Williams Iturriza, promises to be a superb production.

The young actor has had the great opportunity of participating in the likes of two other productions, “Holocaust” (Holocausto) and “Vimazoluleka”, the first of which is a production of Mery Cortez’s and the latter another of Levy Rossell’s. Iturriza will also be participating in a modeling contest called “Astrozodiacal”, the concept of which was the brainchild of none other than Levy Rossell, in May. The contest is designed to allow talented models of all ages to fortify their modeling technique on the latinamerican runway. The show will be travelling to all the principle cities of Venezuela and will count with the choreography of the talented Mery Cortez. This also promises to be quite the event.

For more information contact the Don Bosco Theatre in Altamira.

Nadia Marie Perez Liscano