Greetings to all from Caracas! Yes, that’s right, I am in Caracas watching People + Arts and reading about Missing Goat Blueberry Farm in Canada. It’s Holy Week here so everything is quiet, most business are closed and people are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s Resurrection Sunday masses and services. Those who are in the city will usually go to church and spend the day with family, the rest of the people are all along the coast and other tourist areas enjoying the long break. I arrived here on Monday night at around 11pm and was exhausted from all the flying I had to do.

I flew out of JFK to Toronto, Ontario and then from there to Caracas. I was in Canada almost 6 hours and wished that I had been able to see Toronto but it really wasn’t a trip of leisure to Canada it was just a stop along the way (a weird one at that but a stop non-the-less). Someday soon I will actually go to Toronto though Montreal appeals more to me than Toronto. All I saw of the city was the aerial view when you fly into it and out of it. I flew LAN from NY to Toronto and Air Canada from Toronto to Caracas and I actually enjoyed Air Canada’s service. It was quite good and it was the first time I heard English and French instructions as well as Spanish (normally I would fly LAN directly to Caracas and hear only English/Spanish).

I am very happy to be in Caracas and look forward to all that I will do here in the future. I took a few photos but have not edited them yet. Perhaps tomorrow I will post them. One of the things I am really glad about is that being able to read the blogs I’ve followed for quite some time now is still a possibility and I will be able to continue to be connected to friends and family. Thanks for stopping by!