My parents embark today on a three and a half week long journey to their homeland which will undoubtedly be both joyous and overwhelming. My mother was there with me last in 2007 for about 6 months and my father has not been since 1994. Clearly, there will be some culture shock for him (not too much for my mom except for the obvious recent hike in the prices of certain consumer products) but it is, afterall, his home and there is a definite attachment in the heart of each and every individual to their home no matter how far they roam. My mom and dad get to have an interesting trip (they’ve been travelling since Thursday), they were able to secure a more or less economic flight on Orbitz with only one stop between Miami and Caracas: Lima, Peru! They have an 8 hour layover there! Isn’t that crazy?

I am so excited for them and will be waiting in anticipation to hear from them when they have arrived at my grandmother’s house! As a result of my parents’ trip I began googling some of my favorite stores and shops in Caracas and found that quite a few have websites (some don’t, I am sad to say, but it will probably not be long before they do): Beco, El Principito Kids, Tecni-Ciencia and a few more. I love Caracas! It has a lot to see and, like any big metropolis, has everything you can’t normally get in a small town. Not that I love it for what I can get though. I love Caracas mostly because it is such an active city both culturally and politically as well as socio-economically. Locals are friendly and eager to help you find a place if they know where it is, the weekly neighborhood markets and impromptu fruit and vegetable stands are a sight to behold.

I want to leave you today with a few photos I’ve taken over the past 4 years during my frequent trips to my second home! Enjoy!

Graffiti-like play advertisement outside of what was the Ateneo de Caracas
Raja Tabla Theatre and Cafe advertisement
The Teresa Carreño Theatre Complex
View of La Colonia Tovar, a Bavarian colony in Venezuela
One aspect of the view from atop my Grandmother’s building in La Candelaria
Looking up my Grandmother’s street…
La Cita, La Candelaria’s most famous restaurant
Typical laundry scene in Caracas…
View from my friend’s window in sepia
A view of Caracas from the Avila Mtn. cable car…

**Photo at very top of page from Flexijourney Blog**