Some of my favorites by others

I love to browse through Flickr and Photobucket occasionally after I’ve uploaded my own photos and admire the work of others. Since it is Sunday and it is a very low-key evening (I’m waiting for Little Women to come on in a half-hour), I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Beautiful Colorsplash photo by findstuff22

Screenshot of my favorites on my flickr page
Photos from left to right: Row 1: 1. Untitled by ladysandyw, 2. 45|365 & 7|100 by NBarton (subtitle: Good day to you!), 3. Untitled Polaroid by elseachelsea (Chelsea Fuss), 4. Strawberries Polaroid by elseachelsea, 5. Meadow by elseachelsea, 6. Ink and peat by elseachelsea. Row 2: 1. Baking Polaroid by elseachelsea, 2. Mini pumpkins Polaroid in autumn by elseachelsea, 3. Apple Cider Polaroid by elseachelsea, 4. Apple centerpiece Polaroid by elseachelsea, 5. Spaghetti with Mascarpone and Sage Meatballs by elseachelsea, 6. Jane Austen Reading Map by whamlibrary, Row 3: 1. Still life 2 by Alessa Jane Lee Valerio/wench, 2. Floral collage by ladysandyw, 3. ~Two’s Company by teresa~, 4. ..Xmas is gone… by joe00064, 5. clean view by frandango24, 6. Break up with a View by ~Saoirse~, Row 4: 1. Depeche Mode @ O2 London 16.12.09 by beautifulrain*, 2. Local calls by frandango24, 3. Gridlock by frandango24, 4. Mind Your Step by Rich Leadbetter, 5. Tottenham Court Road by Mikey B_ , 6. A Metropolitan Icon by ~Saoirse~, Row 5: 1. Walworth by Nicobobinus, 2. Regent’s Park by beautifulrain*, 3. Snow River by copperhorse, 4. PCC grain train in the Palouse- St. John, WA by DW Honan, 5. Come wrap your arms around me and give me a big hug by Walk in the Woods Photography, 6. 180.365 -Othello by knowlan, Row 6: 1. NEW YORK 2009 by luigilauro38, 2. Vista desde Santa Monica by LuiCast, 3. Emblema de Caracas by LuiCast, 4. Plaza del Consejo Municipal de Caracas by LuiCast, 5. Harley by Lostonflickr, 6. Angel by Hvitveisen.
I hope you check those out and the other photos these wonderful photographers have posted!