Everytime I watch the Gilmore Girls I suddenly want to go to New England. I lived in Vermont once as a little girl and have never forgotten the beauty and  charm of this region of the United States but beyond Essex Junction and my one trip to Boston back when I was in fifth grade, I’ve never really seen all that much of New England and there are a few places I would really like to get to know. So, today we will look at a few places in Massachusetts to get into the New England spirit!

The first place I want to look at is Salem. Everyone knows Salem for the witchtrials which occurred there in 1692 but people do not realize how rich in history this city really is. A city since 1626, when Roger Conant arrived with the first settlers, Salem has been drawing in crowds for centuries and continues to do so today. Being a fan of history myself, I would love to go to Salem and I’ve heard it is actually a great place to live in so, who knows? Perhaps some day I will move to Salem. Here are a few images from that most “haunted” of places:

Grave stone of Rebecca Nurse, hanged for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.
Scenes of Salem from Woodard & Curran
Salem Witch Museum, from Kwaree Blog
Another gorgeous place in New England I would love to visit and shouldn’t mind living in is Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. I have been in love with Nantucket ever since the show Wings popularized it back in the early 1990s. I was looking at a few photos of Nantucket a few nights ago and really think I may someday either live there or in Salem. Here are some of my favorites:
Photo taken by Bobak Ha’Eri, August 2004, Shown in Wikipedia.
Nantucket Island by Amy England
A Nantucket Island seaside wedding, as seen on Snippet and Ink
Please click on “Snippet and Ink” for photo credits..
I just love Nantucket and the wedding photo montage is simply gorgeous! I think sometime soon there will have to be a trip to New England in order. Perhaps for my birthday….