Good Sunday morning to all! Today is Valentine’s Day and most are thinking of lovey-dovey feelings, it is also Chinese New Year which in its own right is about love as well. This morning I read in the daily devotional, Our Daily Bread, the following verse which captured my heart:

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. —John 13:35
This verse embodies everything I want to be, exactly how I want to love people. It is one of Christ’s greatest love commands and something to truly stand for. The more people I get to know and come in contact with the more my love for others grows, no matter who they are. No matter where they come from, whatever their lifestyle, I love them because they are human. Christ taught love one another, love your neighbor as yourself, and love your enemy. In essence: LOVE ALL PEOPLE. That is a great example to follow!
These past few days I’ve been working on updating my other two blogs and wanted to share some screenshots of what they are looking like:
Crafting Blog
My crafting blog: Mes Petites Creations
Travel Blog

My travel blog: Transitional Nadia

I’ve tried to work on discipline and consistency, my blogging and photography have helped me in that although it can sometimes be difficult to do on a daily basis since some days there are unexpected events and other days are pretty laid back. I do, however, see myself becoming more consistent in my blogging at least with Mes Petites Creations which is my Monday through Friday blog. This one is more about me personally, a bit of a journal. The other one is about travels and places which I also am enjoying! I have come to be fond of blogging and love being able to share ideas, images and thoughts with others all around the world. I enjoy the feedback from my readers and that makes it all the more worthwhile.

This evening I have a date with PBS Masterpiece Classics to watch Northanger Abbey. Some of the friends from the Emma Twitter Party are gathering together to hold an informal party for this film! I love Jane Austen and am eager to see this version of one of my favorite novels. So, to all who read this blog: Have a wonderful love filled day!