Part of the reason I began keeping blogs is because I would read other’s blogs and they were so inspiring that it made me want to have a space where I could share my thoughts and share images with others as well! It’s a whole new brand of writing and certainly a whole new brand of reading as well. I have a ton of blogs I follow and read and was recently working on organizing them all into feeds for easier access. Today, after posting on my other blog: Mes Petites Creations, I began to “surf” through my feed list to see what other bloggers have been up to and found so many great things and links to other blogs that my feed has grown exponentially!

One of my favorite blogs, Abby Try Again, has excellent off-shoots (Abby’s main blog is mostly about her photography which is amazing! You should check out her shop–> and this one, entitled Portland Places, inspired me to want to check Portland out one of these days! Since I will soon be going West I think a trip to Portland is in the not-so-distant future! If so, I will meet up with my good friend Kiki (whose blog I featured in my other blog LatiNadia) and see if we can check out some of these places together! One of the places Abby mentions in her blog is the Pittock Mansion. Her photos of the house are spectacular! Here are a few I found doing a google search:

I cannot wait to go there! I really would love to check this mansion out! I think it is well worth the $8 admission fee.

Another place mentioned by Abby is Flutter, a shop that has everything- including these Gibson Girl tumblers which I absolutely love and want:

I saw those on the online shop and hope to go to the actual shop which, judging from Abby’s photos, looks quite colourful, a feast for the eyes! The shop even has a blog! I must go to Portland! Thanks to Abby for opening my eyes to this amazing city and its great places!
I love blog surfing!