For those of us who love home decor and other such things there is a show we must watch: Man Shops Globe, on The Sundance Channel, is a must see for all those wonderful things that one can find to decorate one’s home with from around the world. Going to the channel’s website will allow you to check out webisodes of the show, photos and more.

Continuing with the topic of home decor and interior design, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs: Kiki Nakita. Kiki is a good friend of mine who is studying interior design and she is actually quite good at it and very involved in her career which I believe makes for success. Not only does Kiki post about homes and interior design, she also generally posts about inspirational families with incredible homes. Check out the Duggars Family Home post. The family of 18 is incredibly close and connected, emanating family values and a spirit of sharing and goodwill. I love Kiki’s blog because it is simple and not fussy. It is very much like her: elegant, beautiful and sweet. If it were a candy you would want to eat it!

I absolutely love home decor and it is no surprise to me that Kiki and I would be such good friends having that very thing which is her career and one of my own inspirations in common. I love to know what is new in the realm of interior design and I suppose I owe that to my Dad. ☺ I grew up always seeing HOME© magazine and  Southern Accents© at my house. Those and Pottery Barn catalogs have always been sources of inspiration at our house and to me. I started collecting books on design and decor a couple of years back as well. My favorite is The French-Inspired Home by Kaari Meng. I bought a copy on sale at Tuesday Morning but you can find it on (If you click on the title it will take you right to the book on Amazon). Kaari Meng has a ton of great ideas for your decorating pleasure in this book and there are even labels and clip art to copy in the back. It’s more of a shabby-chic decor, not quite exactly “French” but it is nice to look at.

Truly home obsessed? Then you need to check out the blog Hooked on Houses. Julia does a great job showing you beautiful houses as well as quirky and odd ones. Kiki turned me on to this blog and I am really enjoying it! Another great blog that Kiki shared with me is the Meadowbrook Farm blog. I especially love this one because of the simple and retro nature of the decor in the photos and the great recipes Teresa posts. They’re absolutely amazing! I really want to try her Greek Guacamole recipe. I hope to start sharing more about home decor and recipes in my blog soon!

So, I dedicate this post to Kiki and the hard work she is doing on her thesis!