Today was pretty low-key for me. I woke up, made my bed, had breakfast, and started doing some laundry to get ready for my trip tomorrow. I only took 4 pictures today because I had nothing really exciting going on. I watched “Coupling” on YouTube while folding my laundry which was kind of fun!

I love watching TV on my laptop!

 After that I looked up some scrumptious recipes and wrote one of them down for this weekend:

Writing down recipes...

 After that I set out to work on my other blog: Mes Petites Creations and stopped for a moment to eat dinner and play with Alyssa until she went to bed. Not very exciting really but check out my other post for a good read! 🙂 You’re gonna love it! I guarantee it!

PS: Tomorrow promises to be a bit more exciting! 🙂