Simple things amuse me.

So, yesterday I didn’t have the chance to write an entry in this blog and I am not having much luck with this one either. I was trying to post some photos in between writing and somehow it got formatted weird so I had to delete the post in it’s entirety and start over. Not much fun when you have a horrible headache and you cannot concentrate. I snapped a few interesting photos yesterday which I edited some with Picnik. The one of the flower off to the side is one of my favorites. I’ve been experimenting a lot with different editing tools lately and love how much one can do with so many different filters and effects! I hadn’t used Picnik in a long while, especially since I had downloaded CameraBag, but enjoyed using it yesterday and think I may go back to Photoshop again for some different effects. I discovered that on Windows Live Gallery Viewer I can do quite a bit too. Since, I missed writing yesterday I am going to include photos from both yesterday and today.

Alyssa and Strawberry Shortcake.

I’ve been playing many games with my niece lately. In my last post I showed some of the photos from our Candy Land game. Yesterday we played Memory a bit with her new set of Strawberry Shortcake memory cards she got for Christmas and we watched quite a bit of Disney Channel shows as well! I got a few snap shots of some clips from “Phineas and Ferb” while we were watching and playing! Alyssa really enjoys that show. Today we played Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh and read a few books while I tried to get through my horrible headache (which is still lingering). I’ve been trying to get Alyssa acquainted with all sorts of music and while we played Hi-Ho Cheery-Oh and Chutes & Ladders we listened to my Jango radio station which plays music by Celtic Woman and artists like them. I think she is starting to enjoy it!

Playing Hi-Ho, Cherry-Oh!

I finally remembered how to insert photos into posts without having to post an entire gallery! I had failed to remember that I could individually post photos and was getting very frustrated . This post is looking more like what I had hoped my other posts would look like! I have no idea who is reading these posts or if anyone beside my good friend Jennifer does but I do hope you all are enjoying them! At the end of this week I will be in New York City and hopefully I will be able to post some very different photos from my everyday ones! I will be there from Friday evening through Monday and hope to get in some good photos while I am there! I am still trying to get in touch with one of my friends and my cousin to see if we can do breakfast or lunch while I am there. This trip is a defining moment in my life and I think it is going to help determine my future for the next 5 years.
Beautiful! I love photography!

Besides booking flights, working through the logistics of my upcoming trip and playing with my niece I have been working on my photography a lot as well! The collage to the left is made up of some shots from Days 2 and 3 of my photography project. I took some of my favorites and incorporated them into this little set. I hope to do a few more soon! I am enjoying being able to take my photography to new levels. So, I leave you with that and a link to my Flickr set “My 2010 in Pictures” . I hope to have a more interesting day tomorrow!