It is 10:57pm and I am still doing laundry! Just had a cup of hot cocoa while chatting with my best friend about my future plans and though I didn’t feel like writing another post I decided that I was not going to let procrastination get the better of me. I took very few photos today but enough to add to this post. ☺

I spent most of the day online looking for flights into NYC, making plans for next weekend, and leafing through recipes and other things like subway maps and all that good stuff! I spent an hour and a half playing Candyland after dinner with my niece Alyssa and then came back to edit photos on Flickr.  So, since I’ve not really much else to say I leave you with my evening in photos:

The joys of playing Candyland with an almost 4 year old are inexplicable! Especially when she’s excited that she’s beating you! Enjoy the photos!