I’ve moved from Florida to New Jersey and am enjoying every minute of the autumn that surrounds me! I have been snapping up pictures and posting them on Flickr and Facebook of all the autumnal beauty I see and the architectural beauty of Princeton University as well as building in Manhattan. My favorite is the Flatiron building which if you click on the links above you might get a peak at. Since I have been here I have gone to many places but for today’s post I just want to take you on a pictorial tour of Princeton University because it is just so beautiful that one must take note of it.

These walkways were once courted by great minds like John Nash and still inspire a collegiate spirit in all who walk through them. They seem to beckon you to higher learning, to discovery, to a desire of knowledge. It is incomprehensible but true, to walk through Princeton University’s campus seems to compel you to want to go back to school and learn more. Doing it at this institution of higher learning is no easy task but is well worth the effort if you are up to it. Challenging and inspiring it is truly a beacon of light in a rather dark educational age in which we are living.

The structures at Princeton University are awesome and wondrous, full of exquisite detail. To the right you see Richardson Auditorium. It is a very intriguing structure, very intricate in detail. I had the privilege of singing here years ago when I was in high school. There have been many notable persons who have attended this beautiful university, people such as James Madison and Woodrow Wilson (both US presidents), John Fitzgerald Kennedy attend Princeton his freshman year–later transferring out and attending Harvard due to illness. Most recent noteworthy graduate is First Lady Michelle Obama and many more have come and gone through these hallowed halls.

I sincerely hope and desire that you will check out the rest of my photos on facebook and on Flickr. There are just way too many to post on here but I do think that you will enjoy them. I am soon to acquire a Flickr Pro-account and will be including a Princeton University set on there for your viewing pleasure. If you want to know more about this great institution of higher learning or are considering sending your child there in the future, wikipedia has a great write-up on the general topics of the university: Princeton University on Wikipedia. Of course, you can also go to the Princeton University website to know even more about what is currently going on in and around the university. I hope you will visit these sights to learn more about such a wonderful and gorgeous place. Visiting the university is something I recommend even if you are not planning on attending, if only just to admire the architecture and drink in the university life and atmosphere!