I want to share with you all a video by Greenpeace and why, today, September 24, 2009 they are in Pittsburgh.

It is very important that you watch this video and consider how we can make a difference in our everyday lives. I wish I were in Pittsburgh today but unfortunately I cannot get over there so quickly. Still, there are other ways we can help. I want to take a moment to share with you some initiatives I have taken and pledges I have made over the past few days which you can also join in order to lead more sustainable lives.

One of the first things I came across which called my attention was the 10:10 initiative being taken in the UK. I signed up (even though I am not in the UK, obviously) because I wanted to be kept informed of what they were doing and also for the great resources and tips they give you on how to cut your carbon emissions. I found out about this initiative through my friends at Socks For Happy People‘s blog. They had become part of the initiative and I went to the website to check it out (it was only after I had signed up that I realized the effort was UK-based [LOL]–it didn’t say I couldn’t be outside the UK, so why not?) and was inspired. They have been such an inspiration to me because they are more than just a sock company, they are great people, conscious people and that inspires me!

As I continued on my quest I found links to websites that led me to more links and to involvement in many other organizations and projects even right here in the US. 🙂 Yes, there are people like you and me who are concerned about sustaining life on earth and while we have lived quite comfortably here in our country that comfort has caused major damage and needs to change. I found Socks For Happy People on twitter and like them I have found scores of other people and organizations who are committed to reducing carbon emissions, to promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and getting the word out because we are quite close to losing what we have if we do not take immediate action. One of the sites I have most recently visited is oneclimate.net which is an international social networking site where people have gathered to discuss and share information on climate change and sustainable living.

Through this site (which is based in the UK as well–the UK is rocking on climate change initiatives right now and I think they are definitely the major leaders in this effort right now. Go, UK!) I was led to another great site for a project on sustainable living called the No Impact Project from here in the US. These initiatives are people led, not government led –a point to note because the behavior of so many of our world leaders does not reflect what the people are calling for–change in the way we live so that we can go on living. One of the leaders I am currently admiring is Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown who has taken many initiatives in helping mothers around the world and is in Pittsburgh with her husband as we speak, at the G20 Talks on Climate Change. Read her blog: http://sarahbrowng20.wordpress.com/ and also become familiar with http://www.millionmums.org/ which is championing the awareness of speaking out against needless deaths of women in childbirth. Sarah Brown is a person that I can admire because she is open with what she is doing and is involved in. I follow her on twitter, so should you!

So, in conclusion, I encourage you to get out there on the worldwide web and start checking out ways you can change your lifestyle by joining local organizations that can help you get started on a more sustainable lifestyle. People, we need to change our ways soon, before it is too late! Join us! Together we can make a difference but we are in crunch time! If you have not already seen The Age of Stupid, you should! I am including a widget at the end of this post for easy access to information about the film. Thanks for reading now let’s go out and DO SOMETHING!

Nadia Marie