Last night I virtually traveled through the movie “Wimbledon,” starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany, to England. I think I have seen more movies and television shows that take place in that glorious country than I can count on two hands and two feet! England has been a long time dream for me which I hope to realize sometime soon. It should come as no surprise then that I have virtually traveled there many times through many different films such as Notting Hill, What A Girl Wants, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice (yes, the 5 hour BBC/A&E version), The Holiday, A Good Year (which include Provence as well), The Wedding Date, and many more! Also been there through a host of television shows such as Absolutely Fabulous, Keeping Up Appearances, Mr. Bean, The Vicar of Dilbey and my favorite of all, Coupling.

I travel virtually all the time and have been to many places. One of my most memorable “trips” to England was through Mira Nair’s adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair.” While it did not ring so wholly true to the book, which is far better than the film, the sights were amazing and the use of color was great! Mira Nair is notorious for adding flair to her films. If you are not so attached to word for word “book adaptations” then you will enjoy this film. While I tend to like adaptations that are more closely related, I made an exception with this one because of the cinematic quality (I love both books and films and sometimes for the sake of compromise and condensation one must get over ones fussiness and enjoy a good film).

If you want to go for the London sites, “What a Girl Wants” is pretty good at showing modern London. I must go there myself someday and I hope that day will come very soon! Well, I better get going but wanted to share this little tidbit with you! Enjoy the pic!
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