Well folks, it is official! As of yesterday I am officially heading out to Venezuela on the 23rd and I am so excited! Never has there been a place of more warmth and love to me than Venezuela. You can say what you will of this country but I absolutely love it! The people are great, the scenery spectacular and the food is amazing! I LOVE THE FOOD! Especially the cheese! Yes, I said it! I love the cheese.

There is nothing better than eating fresh cheese, not the processed stuff you get here in the US that often makes you wonder if it is really cheese when you read the ingredients on the label. I mean take a look at the label on a box of Velveeta Cheese for example. The ingredients list contains the following:

  • Milk
  • Water
  • Whey
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Milkfat
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Less than 2% of salt
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Lactic acid
  • Sorbic acid as a preservative
  • Sodium citrate
  • Sodium alginate

and tons more stuff…why do we need all that in cheese??

Something else that I love about the food there is the fact that when I eat there I begin to lose weight, rather than gain it. Hmmmm…could it be the fact that most of the food there does not have hormones and I don’t know what else added to it? The food there is an enjoyable part of the experience but there is so much more to Venezuela!

I love the natural beauty of Venezuela, it has so much to offer for those who love nature. That is why I am so glad to be going back because I want to explore more of that wonderful country. For now though, I am content to say that I will be in Caracas enjoying life and happy to see my old friends again!